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At Soap₂o, we strive towards our commitment to high-quality products, service and standards to enable the smooth switch to sustainable soaps for our customers. We want to change  the stereotype that environmental products do not perform as well as traditional ones. So, to pair our luxurious foamy Pomegranate and Cranberry soap sachets with the highest quality dispensing equipment, we struck up a partnership with Brightwell.

A Bit About Brightwell

Brightwell is a global designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dispensers and dosing systems. Founded in 1947, the company has a strong reputation as a dependable partner for paper and chemicals manufacturers, janitorial companies, dishwasher and washing machine providers and international corporations.

Brightwell is proud of its family heritage and today, its headquarters remain in the same UK location, alongside its innovation centre and primary manufacturing facilities. Brightwell exports to over 85 countries worldwide, supported by its subsidiaries and a select network of exclusive distributors. The portfolio of products covers all hygiene environments, including away-from-home washrooms, healthcare and leisure facilities, on-premise and industrial laundries and professional kitchens. With longstanding ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, Brightwell is conscious of its environmental impact and places a high value on quality, with customer satisfaction being central to its operations. The recent introduction of a recycled washroom range further demonstrates their commitment to sustainability.

These two certifications show the company’s like-minded ethos to ours. Assurance of the environment and quality means that we consider Brightwell as a trusted partner.

The Partnership 

The partnership between Soap₂o and Brightwell began at the start of 2022, when Soap₂o’s Founder, Jordan, and Marketing Manager, Sophie, took a trip to Brightwell HQ to figure out how it would all work and how to get the ball rolling. Brightwell is a dispenser giant, and it seems only right that a product like ours is used alongside the best equipment, after all! The team met with Brightwell’s Kate Williamson and a deal was hashed out, and the style, designs and colours of dispensers were chosen. To date, there are 5 dispenser options available for our distributors to order, these include a dispenser where the housing is made of fully recycled plastics too! All of the dispensers have a long-life span and there are no single-use plastics or harmful materials, meaning that our goals are always met.

Since developing the partnership at the start of 2022, Brightwell has sold just under 3,000 Soap₂o branded dispensers to our distributors. This number does not include the amount sold to Marsden Washroom Solutions (MWS), our partner for dispensers of lower MOQs. MWS has sold just short of 400 dispensers, meaning that the Soap2o name and brand are well and truly shaking up the washroom industry.

The Future 

Brightwell has a global presence and dominates the dispenser and washroom sector in many different areas of the world, exporting to 85 countries. As Soap₂o continues to take on ambassadors from around the world and carries on developing the ambassador = programme, we know that the future will be a long and bright one for the partnership. As it stands, Soap₂o has three ambassadors signed up for the programme, covering Sweden, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Australia, and this is just the start!

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