why unicorns.

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Unicorn chess piece on a chess board signifying strategy

flamingo fever.

A few years ago, I helped my friend paint her hallway white in preparation for her long-planned ‘flamingo hallway’. Think wooden floors, white walls, sophisticated pieces of flamingo artwork surrounded by foliage and natural materials. Lovely.

Then flamingo fever hit. Soon enough they were everywhere, from homeware to clothing, often with some form of pink fluff included. So my friend simply couldn’t keep hold of her sophisticated vision – flamingoes were too mainstream.

The same can be said for unicorns. From sleepwear to stationery, these mythical creatures have undoubtedly been having a moment. We’ve even seen some hybrids out there (hello llamacorn).

So why, when we very much want to be taken seriously as a newly formed partnership of marketing consultants, did Jen and I become Unicorns?

why unicorns.

Well, the term really does mean something in the world of marketing. A marketing unicorn is that rare, valuable person who really can do it all, in a world of specialists.

They have experience across a range of industries, marketing disciplines, and audiences. They can also bring so much more value to start-ups and small businesses than a specialist.

That’s why Unicorn. clicked for us as our company name.

a couple of needles in a haystack.

We’ve worked in a variety of industries and environments, across pretty much all areas of marketing. From sales enablement to content marketing, from exhibition stands to print prospectuses, from social media strategies to press releases… you get the picture. We’ve also spent years marketing to diverse audience groups all over the world.

Jen loves nothing more than making new ideas happen for her clients. She gets pretty over-excited when she sees great digital and social campaigns in action. She’s been working solo for three years now with small businesses.

Laura channels her obsession with books and her passion for improving customer experiences into creating great content and communications. She’s been working in larger organisations on digital content for years.

It’s a rare thing for two marketing professionals like us to come together and start afresh. But we both knew that we wanted to work with small, exciting companies. Those who dream big, but don’t have the budget or the need for a marketing team in-house (at least not just yet).

We’re not an agency; we’re your ‘out-of-house in-house marketing team’ (catchy, we know). We deliver marketing that works, with a touch of kickass, and yes perhaps with just a little bit of silly sparkle too… glittery rainbow pens at the ready!

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