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Being a ‘girl power’ company, we felt it was only right for us to write a little about International Women’s Day this year, the first year of our company’s existence.

Taking a moment to think about how far women have come in modern society is both a wonderful and a sobering realisation. Why did we have to come this far? And why do we still have so far to go?

Why do we still see ‘average male salary’ and ‘average female salary’ on statistics, why did the last few years need to have the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and what will come next?

Speaking as a woman, I feel very proud of the progress we’ve made in the years of my adult life so far – and that’s progress made by all, not restricted to women only, wonderfully acknowledged by the #balanceforbetter theme within this year’s IWD.


What’s In A Name?

So, we named our company Unicorn Marketing. Were we worried that the name sounded too girly? Absolutely!

Even though we, and others in marketing, understand what a Marketing Unicorn actually is – a marketing professional highly skilled in a wide variety of marketing specialisms – could Unicorn come off as too girly?

Yeah, it could. It could put some people off contacting us, it could change the way people think about us, but those are exactly the people we don’t want to work with anyway.

So you know what we said? ‘Fuck it, let’s keep the name.’

When someone says ‘too girly’, what does that even mean? What’s so wrong with being a woman or a girl?

The marketing industry is dominated by men at the top and saturated with women at the bottom. Unlike most marketing companies, we have two women in charge.

I mean, look at the industry’s gender pay gap stats that Marketing Weekly reported recently!

salarygapsSo we’re proudly #GirlBoss because we wanted to take charge of our careers. Does that fact alone make us better than any other consultancy company? No. And that’s the point, frankly.

The point is we’re great at what we do, and no name should impact that. We’re great at what we do whatever name you put on it. And we’re great at what we do, and what we do is in no way defined by our gender.

So there you go, we’re Unicorn Marketing and we have ‘kickass’ in our tagline!

We’ve collected our favourite International Women’s Day marketing campaigns in this blog for more inspiration.

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