7 surprising ways your office can be greener.

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It’s Green Office Week folks, and greener work and greener lifestyle is so on-brand for Unicorn Marketing, it’s one of the things we were most excited to incorporate into our new business when we started just a few months ago.

OK so we’re all well aware of the big three, ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, and while many offices are doing a cracking job of improving their green points, we wanted to focus today on some unusual ways your office can be more eco-consious.


1) Chrome Extensions

No, seriously, Chrome extensions. If you don’t use Chrome as your go-to browser, maybe it’s time to switch. Chrome has these things called ‘extensions’ that are kind of like little apps for your browser window. Unicorn Chrome browsers are full of amazing Chrome extensions – they help us work faster. But, they can also help us work GREENER. The two extensions we want to tell you about today will help your office contribute to a greener world.

  • Done Good: Ethical, Affordable Shopping. This extension helps you to identify the more ethical products on the market, so if it’s time for toner or you’re craving coffee pods, check this extension out.
  • Ecosia – The search engine that plants trees. Ecosia looks and operates similarly to Google search, except their ads pay for trees to be planted! Now the Google-aholics among you may notice that a few great Google features are missing, but you can always head over to Google if you don’t like what you find right away. Surely any searches to plant trees are good searches?


2) Buy Closed-Loop Tech

Because business IT shouldn’t cost the earth, Portsmouth-based Circular Computing use a clever carbon-neutral process to re furbish, recycle, reuse, repurpose laptops and IT equipment. Did you know that around 160,000 laptops are thrown away acorss europe… EVERY DAY?!?! This company boasts some seriously green credentials:

  • Remanufactured laptops mitigate the release of 650lb of CO2 and the use of 50,000 gallons of water compared to your purchase of a new laptop
  • All laptops sold are carbon-neutral thanks to the company’s work with world-wide clean energy projects
  • And 5 trees are planted per laptop to compensate for the CO2 emissions from the product’s original manufacture and the first three years of its use!!


3) Magic Your Coffee Grounds Into Palm Oil

We’ve not gone bonkers, this is soon to be a real thing! While the drive for sustainable palm oil is well underway, and importantly is better than many alternatives, did you know that your used coffee grounds can contain reusable palm oil?

Scottish startup Revive Eco have developed a process to do just this, and will hopefully have the pilot up and running later this year in Scotland. Keep an eye on their progress and maybe one day your coffee leftovers can be put towards this great initiative!


4) Introduce Flexible Working

The idea that employees can work from any location is really catching fire, helping employees to manage their work/life balance better, but also contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions. Let’s just take a quick peek at how UK workers commute:

  • 36% drive
  • 10% take the bus
  • 9% take the train
  • 9% walk or cycle

Commuting to work contributes to more than 20% of the UK’s CO2 emissions! So what if workers could work from home one or two days a week, or three or four?! Ask yourself, do they need to be in the office 100% of the time – sure, some of them will, but many jobs rooted in IT do not. Your new working from home policy could easily contribute to lowering our CO2 emissions, and help your employees save time and money.


5) Recycled Paper Only

OK so try to use less paper, but when you do have to use paper, make sure it’s recycled paper! Amazingly, recycled paper requires 55% less water to produce and more than 60% less energy compared to new paper? And once you’re done with it, you can still stick it in the recycling bin, any paper that’s not suitable to make new recycled paper with can be recycled into another product.


6) Get Woolly

Shockingly, our indoor environments are often more polluted than our outdoor environments. This is thanks to all manner of things, but often closely related to furniture, carpeting and paint, which can release VOCs (volitile organic compounds) over time. Amazingly, wool – yep, like from a sheep – can absorb and trap VOCs… forever! So something as simple as splurging on wool carpets for your office can have a huge impact on the health of your team. In addition, magical wool is naturally flame retardant, lasts longer, is fully biodegradable and is a natural byproduct – what’s your current carpet made from, it’s probably plastic, yikes!

Find out more from our friends at The Campaign For Wool.


7) Tax Relief On Charitable Donations

Pick a green charity to donate a portion of your profits to and you’ll receive tax relief on your Corporation Tax in return. This can also be used as a great little marketing tool too, let your customers/clients know that by choosing to work with you, they’re contributing to a charity which is making a difference to our planet.

A few of our personal favourites are:


We hope you feel inspired to take part, we look forward to updating you on all the new, exciting ways you can work in a more eco-friendly way next #GreenOfficeWeek!

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